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Devonian Period
(354-417 million years ago)

Mt. Monadnock

Mt. Monadnock is located in Southwestern New Hampshire near Jaffrey. It is 3,165 feet tall.

The name Monadnock comes from the Abnacki Native American word for mountain that stands alone. The word monadnock is used by geologists for any single mountain that rises above a surrounding plain. Mt. Monadnock has provided inspiration for the writers Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, and the painter Abbott Handerson Thayer.

Monadnock in Art

Abbott Handerson Thayer 

Abbott Handerson Thayer was born in Boston in 1849. His father was a prominent physician. He studied art at the Brooklyn Academy of Design and the National Academy in New York, under Lemuel E. Wilmarth. He went ot Paris in 1875 to continue his studies under Charles E. R. H. Lehmann, and three years with Jean L. Gerome. He returned to New York where he became known for his paintings of angelic women.

In 1901 he moved to Dublin, New Hampshire where he could see Nount Monadnock from his studio. The mountain and the surrounding landscape became favorite subjects.

Online Exhibit of some of Thayer's works.